je voudrais... un knight

hello teaching is taking up a lot of time and i am barely on here anymore

i’m sorry and i miss you all



Ahhhh I forgot to make a post so I’ll make one tomorrow but I’m going to be at edmonton expo this weekend!! Artist alley section G 16-17!! Come find us!!

so i am now the theatre teacher and the film studies teacher at my school

it happened in the most round-about way but im really excited i think

so there have been insane staffing changes and stuff going on at my job BUT FYI i’m still going to be in Montreal this weekend for Montreal Comic Con SO be on the lookout for us in the artist section woo hoo

oh my god i’m going to pair my short stories writing unit with nanowrimo

Day two monster truckers! Come find us! A110

Day two monster truckers! Come find us! A110

We’re here! Come find us at booth a110!! Xx

We’re here! Come find us at booth a110!! Xx


Hey guys! Fanexpo is SO SOON!! I’m so excited.

We’re going to be in Toronto at the end of August at table A110 eager and raring to go! I’ll be bringing my zillion prints along with me (as well as my brand spankin’ new Teen Wolf  print that have NEVER been sold at conventions before!), as well as button badges and a few other goodies! 

See you there!!


Why is it so important to dream?

Inception (2010, Christopher Nolan)

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"Did you fish, or did you hunt, Abigail?"

"I was the lure."

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