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I just realized it’s my birthday in like a week crazy stuff

I haven’t done any lesson planning since I got home from Australia or Chicago I just want to sleep for years



Ok! So, a few people have asked me what my experience at DashCon was like since it kind of blew up for all the internet to watch. This will be from my perspective as an artist in the artist alley. I can’t quite speak for regular con-goers since I was mostly confined to my table all weekend. I’ll try to keep this as non-sensational as possible since I don’t want to cause any further drama, and I’d really just like to put it behind me. 

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Dashcon released a statement and addressed zero of the vendors problems and generally had no accountability so that’s nice


I was in the artist’s alley, selling my artwork (ceramics and sketch commissions)

Things happened, as many know, but I did not attend any panels. When I wasn’t in the artist’s alley I was in the hotel, either my room, the pool or the fitness center. So I will only talk on the one thing that I…


So hello everybody! While Sarah and I are still working on getting the next update up (we have decided to double post so that Sarah can really give the pages the care and attention to present) but I wanted to address the last con we attended which was DashCon.

While there are a bunch of…


i hope idris elba is in pacific rim 2 like pentecost just walks out of the ocean and everyones like didnt u blow up and he’s like “nah” and theyre like what about your cancer and he’s like “i got better”

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This is my best work to date.
(if i get any sales on this, I will laugh. then donate the profits to Elle, a ballpit victim)


This is my best work to date.

(if i get any sales on this, I will laugh. then donate the profits to Elle, a ballpit victim)

Anonyme asked: "As far as i'm aware, The "what state they are registered in" does not matter. As long as their business is housed in Ohio, it is okay for them to have events out of the state. (example, the PGA Tour (golf) is registered in florida and hosts tournaments all around the country). I may be mistaken so don't count me on that, but that is what all my research is saying, but that might be something to lookk into. as to the cost of the table, etc. i'm not sure."

Yeah I’ve been reading up on it too. At this point it’s mostly just a headache for me to make sure I absolutely write the right thing on my taxes.

My Dashcon experience as an Artist: OR: How I accidentally almost might’ve become a federal criminal

So there are a lot of posts surfacing about Dashcon, most of them negative. I can’t say that this post is any different, but this was my experience, including a timeline of events on Sunday. 

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In other news sometimes I forget that my boyfriend looks kinda like JGL and then he sends me pics like this

And I’m like

Oh yeah

So a lot of people have been messaging me about my experience with dashcon, but I don’t want to expressly say anything yet because the whole ordeal isn’t actually over yet.

I do want to say however that my fellow artists and myself were also conned by this— look at it this way. We were trying to do what any successful business tries to do and cater to our audience. Most of our available products are things that are well liked by tumblr users. It just makes good business sense to go to a large gathering of our main consumers. All I can say is that I really hope once this ordeal is finally settled that none of us see legal trouble following this catastrophe.

For my artist friends who helped me speak with the admins and who spoke to the admins themselves: I will send everyone an email about what I know with a completed timeline of the problems we faced at the event over the weekend. I don’t have everyone’s urls currently so I hope you all manage to see this too.

Take care everybody.

I’ve never been so happy to go home after a convention

Like at first it was laughably bad, then it was bad bad, but now it’s terrifyingly bad????

Dashcon legality issues

Can anyone confirm or deny the allegations that dashcon is operating illegally in Illinois? I am an INTERNATIONAL VENDOR here, people, and I don’t want FEDERAL PROBLEMS when I go fucking home from this cluster fuck